Doubly Blessed

An Inspirational Memoir


On January 21, 1994, I was 27 years old. At 9:15 that evening, when the doctor pronounced my wife’s time of death, I kissed her cheek, slowly stood up next to her hospital bed, and wiped the tears from my eyes. I then took my first, lonely step into the tunnel. You know the one — the one with no light at the end of it. It was a long, dark, dismal tunnel. No matter how many steps I took, I was convinced that I would never see a light. I was positive that I would never marry again, let alone have a family of my own, but I kept walking through that tunnel. For five years, I walked.

In 1999, while still wandering aimlessly through the darkness, I was shocked at what I saw up ahead. It was a dim flicker from the light I had convinced myself I’d never see! I kept walking cautiously towards it, and the closer I got to the end of that tunnel, the brighter the light became. When I finally reached the other side, the brilliance of the light was blinding, and within it, I found what I was sure I’d never find again — happiness.

Doubly Blessed is a true story about my first wife’s heartbreaking battle with cancer that led me to the opening of that tunnel. It’s a story about my eventual need to move on and the guilt that came along with doing so while traveling through it. It’s a story of overcoming internal conflict. It’s a story of hope.

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